Facebook App for iPhone 3.0 Announced


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Facebook for iPhone app is one of the most downloaded and popular app in the App Store. Why? Because Facebook users with iPhone or iPod Touch can do almost everything from their handsets with this Facebook app for iPhone.

Today, a Facebook employee posted a note on Facebook announcing the new Facebook  app for iPhone 3.0. It’s been a long time since the Facebook app got a major upgrade another than language updates.

Facebook App for iPhone 3.0 Announced

Facebook for iPhone 3.0 will go through a major upgrade with almost everything revamped (atleast, that’s what the screenshot shows). Not ll major features will be added in this release. Some have been saved for the iPhone 3.1 release too.

Facebook for iPhone 3.0 Features

In that note on Facebook, a list of 15 new features was also posted telling us what we’ll see in the next big Facebook app update.

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