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When you download iPhone games, you give yourself the chance to experience gaming like no other mobile phone can offer. Playing with the iPhone is a whole different experience what with its large screen, great resolution, and vibrant displays; you really stand to be awed at what you see.

Microsoft Project Natal Xbox 360 Controller-Free Gaming

At last Microsoft has unveiled most rumored and interesting Project Natal motion controller for Xbox 360 console, in E3 press conference at Los Angeles. Natal is a gadget fully hands-free control system, embedded with motion control sensors. This highly fictional technology used complex facial recognition technique, biometrics and captures each and every individual movement of the body.
Natal allows users to play video games more lively without touching hardware and control games with their body gestures. More than one user can interact at a time with this device. Microsoft says that Natal is capable to work with previous, current, and future versions of the Xbox 360.

According to the company device will not be released in year 2009 and no information is available regarding its price. So, let’s see when it comes to hit the market.